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Dr. Kimber provides surgical treatment of pain related to the neck and back. Dr. Kimber is one of the few providers of spine surgery in the state of Florida that specializes in minimally-invasive spine surgery and advanced robotic spinal surgery. Through minimally invasive spine surgery, Dr. Kimber helps his patients undergo a smoother surgery with faster recovery times. This technology is safer and a far more precise alternative to traditional surgery. This advanced technology is shaping the future of spinal and orthopedic medicine. A patient-centered and personalized approach allows Dr. Kimber to diagnose and treat problems related to trauma, and degenerative conditions. From traditional procedures like lumbar spinal fusion and disc replacement surgery to more advanced and minimally-invasive techniques like robotic spine surgery, Dr. Kimber is one of the most comprehensive and experienced surgeons of spine surgery. 

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is commonly a last resort alternative after all other nonsurgical methods have been exhausted. The ultimate goal of spine surgery is solving the client’s problem with the least amount of disruption to the patient’s lifestyle. Minimally invasive spine surgery, (MIS) the “muscle-sparing” approach assists in speeding up the recovery period while achieving the best optimal outcome. MIS for the spine uses customized instruments, imagery technology and minimal incisions. MIS incisions are often smaller than any other forms of surgery.

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