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DR. ROBERT L. KIMBER, M.D., a world-renowned Master Spine Surgeon with over 24 years of experience, dedicates his life to restoring balance, harmony, and function to help his patients regain a better quality of life. Dr. Kimber is an Orthopedic Spine Surgery Specialist located in Sebring, Florida. Dr. Kimber has provided relief to hundreds of patients and can help you too. Using the latest technology, including robotics and navigation, Dr. Kimber specializes in advanced spine surgery from the most minimal to very complex reconstructive muscle sparing surgery. 

Dr. Kimber grew up in New Orleans. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Vanderbilt University, Emory University School of Medicine, and completed his residency at Duke University School of Medicine.  He completed advanced surgical fellowships in North Carolina, Germany, and Australia.  Recently Dr. Kimber relocated to Sebring, Florida from Gulfport, Mississippi.  He is now the owner and operator of Kimber Spine in Sebring, Florida. Dr. Kimber is affiliated with Highlands Regional Medical Center. Highlands Regional Medical Center is a facility of HCA East Florida. 

Dr. Kimber treats his patients with an experienced eye, a kind heart, and a steady hand.  

Let’s “Rebuild Your Future Together.”

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For 4 years, my right leg pain and back pains were terrible and I could not climb ladders or do any bending or lifting. Before I saw Dr. Kimber, I had one surgery on my back that did not help, and I was afraid it was never going to get better. Thankfully, Dr. Kimber was willing to see me and quickly figured out the real problem. He did an amazing job on my back surgery and now both my leg pains and my back pains are gone. Since my surgery by Dr. Kimber, my legs are strong again and I am able to do all my normal activities, even climb ladders, without pain or weakness. I especially appreciate how Dr. Kimber talked to me like a person and how he explained everything about my surgery using pictures and models. His office staff were also very helpful and friendly.

- Josh Thomas

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The first time I saw Dr. Kimber I showed up in his office without an appointment. I was desperate. I had seen several doctors who could not find out what was happening to me. My arms and hands had become paralyzed for over 2 months and I was so weak I could barely walk. I am 77 and a retired New York City Cop and until this happened I was as tough as anybody. Over a few short months, I developed severe pains from my toes to my nose, and then I got so weak. I hurt so badly I could not sit or stand for more than a few minutes. Dr. Kimber put me in a room and listened to all my problems. He soon found that it was all coming from severe compression on my spinal cord and I was well on my way to complete paralysis. He showed me everything and explained so well that it all made sense. The way he talked to me and my wife was so caring and clear I knew I was going to get better. He got me to surgery immediately and did 2 consecutive surgeries, one on the back of my neck and one in the front . My legs and and arms were immediately better! Since then, my strength has returned and I can now stand for 4 or 5 hours with no problem. My pains are almost completely gone and I can walk again. My arms are as strong as they ever were. I feel like I want to come back out of retirement. Also, the Merit Biloxi nurses were angels and worked their butts off for me while I was in the hospital. I have great respect and thanks for Dr. Kimber and his hospital. They treated me great and Dr. Kimber was a godsend. I consider myself lucky to have found him.

Joe Malatesta

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My foot drop has completely healed, thanks to Dr. Kimber's confident fast action and surgery on my back. After suddenly getting a dragging foot and leg weakness that I was told would be permanent, I was able to see Dr. Kimber within 1 day. His office really listened to my complaint and worked me in quickly. He evaluated not only my back and foot weakness, but also my neck that had been bothering me for over 30 years. He did surgery to take pressure off the nerves in my back, and my foot drop has completely healed. Even though my neck injury was 30 years old, Dr. Kimber listened to all my complaints and diagnosed my injury that caused neck locking and pain, a crooked head position, and numbness of both my arms. I could not lift my arms to even ride a motorcycle without pain and numbness in my arms. I had been told there was nothing that could be done, but Dr. Kimber showed me otherwise! He did 2 surgeries on my neck that have completely healed me of all my neck and arm problems! I am able to return to completely normal lifting and arm use and have a straight head and no pain or weakness remaining after my surgeries. And my dragging foot has healed, even though I was told that was not possible! Dr. Kimber is very down to earth, explains things with ease and patience, and is very confident in his ability to diagnose and to fix complex problems, that others may have given up on fixing. The office team are very helpful and efficient, and the Merit Health Biloxi Hospital and Anesthesia staff are wonderful. My 3 surgeries there are the best hospital and surgery experiences I have ever had. For the first time, I had no nausea and vomiting after my surgeries! I have enthusiastically recommended Dr. Kimber and his staff and hospital team to my family and friends with serious neck, back, or nerve problems, and will continue to do so. 

- Dennis Ratcliff

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